6 Common Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Have you ever wondered what could go wrong with your garage doors? Like any other system in your home, garage doors can develop issues and wear out over time. But don't worry; understanding these common problems and their solutions can save time and money.

  • Garage Door Won't Close
    • Problem: If you're having trouble closing your garage door, don't panic; it's often a simple issue. It could be due to photo-eye sensors, remote control, or opener problems.
    • Solution: You can often resolve the issue by checking the photo-eye sensors near the bottom of the door and removing obstructions or correcting any misalignment. Check your remote control's batteries and inspect the opener for damaged gear or motor issues.
  • Garage Door Won’t Open
    • Problem: A garage door that will not open is often a result of a broken spring or a damaged gear assembly in the automatic garage door opener.
    • Solution: If a garage door spring is broken, it is necessary to have the spring replaced. Consider replacing all garage door springs simultaneously to ensure a properly operating garage door. However, replacing garage door springs is extremely dangerous. Due to these safety concerns, a professional should replace the garage door springs and cables.
  • Creates a Lot of Noise
    • Problem: A noisy garage door can result from various factors, such as worn-out rollers, loose hardware, or insufficient lubrication.
    • Solution: To tackle a noisy garage door, tighten loose bolts or nuts. Then, replace worn-out rollers with nylon ones-they're much quieter. Finally, give all moving parts, such as hinges, rollers, and springs, a good lubrication to reduce friction.
  • Opens or Moves Unevenly
    • Problem: If your garage door moves unevenly or jerks when you move it, this might be due to misaligned tracks or worn-out rollers.
    • Solution: Inspect the tracks for any debris or bends. You can use a level to check if it's correctly aligned. Consider replacing any damaged rollers and lubricating them with a silicone-based lubricant.
  • Starts to Sag When Opened
    • Problem: A sagging garage door appears as if it's hanging much lower than it's supposed to. Sometimes, improperly balanced torsion springs, worn-out extension springs, or cables due to old age can cause this issue.
    • Solution: Adjust or replace the counterbalance spring assembly. Check if the cables are correctly tensioned and not frayed. It is recommended that a professional be hired for spring and cable replacement because of safety concerns.
  • Weather Stripping Has Worn-Out
    • Problem: In time, the weather strip that protects your garage door from pests and the elements will wear down. When damaged, weather stripping can cause energy loss and draw in more issues.
    • Solution: You must replace the worn-out weather stripping with a new one. Check if it creates a tight seal around the garage door to ensure energy efficiency and protection from moisture and pests.
Consult a Garage Door Technician

By proactively addressing these common garage door problems, you can keep your garage door moving smoothly and allow it to last much longer. If you are still determining how to proceed with your garage door issue, consult an expert technician today at Garage Doors of Cincinnati.

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